Meet the people behind the change

For a large and complex institution such as Oxford, these are challenging targets that require the entire University community. Everyone has a role to play, whether that is making small changes to our daily routines, such as turning off appliances and commuting sustainably, joining an Oxford environmental group like Green Impact and LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework), or taking part in initiatives within your department and college.  

Staff delivering positive change for environmental sustainability  

We are happy to introduce a few members of the Oxford community that showcase environmental action as part of their role, or on top of it. Each highlight the influence we can all have in our professional roles and within our communities - read here to find out more.

Students delivering positive change for environmental sustainability  

In a national survey done by SOS-UK in 2022, 80% of students said they want their institution to do more for sustainability, and 60% want to learn more about it. We asked five students from the University of Oxford about their experience taking action to deliver environmental change and how other students can get involved - read what they had to say here.

From top left clockwise, Kirstine Homoki, Charlotte Houghton, Yasmin Jordan, Mia Clements, Abdullah Alotaiq, Saroj Saurya, Nell Miles, Jason Partridge, Cassian McDonald and Bart Ashton